The repeat tag can be used to unconditionaly repeat all contents contained within its opening and closing tags the number of times specified by its count parameter. This can be used to create HTML tables etc.

<cms:repeat count='4' >
        <cms:repeat count='6' startcount='1' >
                <cms:show k_count />

In the example above, we are using the repeat tag twice to create a table with 4 rows each having 6 cells. The startcount parameter is used to make the k_count variable, set by this tag to denote the number of the current iteration, to start from 1 instead of the default 0.


  • count
  • startcount


Sets the number of times this tag repeats


This tag sets a variable named k_count that increases with each iteration. By default, the first iteration is numbered 0. The startcount parameter can be used to make k_count begin from any arbitrary number.


  • k_count


This variable is increased by one each time the repeat tags repeats the loop. See the startcount parameter above.