The redirect tag can be used to redirect the user to a new location.

<cms:redirect url='' />
<cms:redirect url="<cms:link masterpage=k_template_name page='test' />" />

In the last example above, the user is being redirected to a page named test that is a cloned page of the same template as the page this code is executed from (the link tag is being used to get the target URL).


  • url
  • permanently


This is the URL of the location being redirected to.


By default, the redirect tag causes the server to send back a HTTP 302 redirection code. Setting this parameter to 1 will cause it to send back HTTP 301 (moved permanently) code instead.

<cms:redirect url="<cms:link masterpage=k_template_name page='test' />" permanently='1' />


This tag is self-closing and does not set any variables of its own.