The log tag can be used to save arbitrary text into a log file. This may be useful for debugging or for actually keeping a log of events.

<cms:log 'Just a test message' />
<cms:log some_msg />


  • msg
  • file


The string to be logged.


The log file into which the msg is to be logged. If this parameter is skipped, a log file named 'log.txt' in your site's root is used (created if not already existing) for logging.
You can specify a path with the file that is relative to the site's root.

<cms:log some_msg file='mylog.txt' />
<cms:log k_page_title file='couch/uploads/file/secure/mylog.txt' />

In the last snippet we are saving the log file in a subfolder of Couch which has a .htaccess file protecting its contents from being directly downloaded.


This tag is self-closing and does not set any variables of its own.