Given an email address, the gravatar tag outputs an HTML <img> tag (or link only). The source of this image is set to the Gravatar image registered for this email at If the email is not registered, the default image is output.

<cms:gravatar email="" size="60" />


  • email
  • size
  • default
  • link_only


The email for the Gravatar.


Specifies the desired width and height of the Gravatar. Valid values are from 1 to 512 inclusive. If skipped, value of 48 is used.


If no Gravatar found for the email, by default the Gravatar of is used. You can specify some other image to be used instead by setting this parameter to the URL of the alternative image.

If set to '1', output the image link only (i.e. not the <img> tag).


This tag is self-closing and does not set any variables of its own.