The excerpt tag can be used to create an excerpt of any content that is enclosed within its opening and closing tags.
Unlike the excerptHTML tag, the excerpt tag strips off all HTML tags (except those specified by its allow parameter) from the excerpt it creates.


  • count
  • allow
  • trail
  • truncate_chars


The maximum number of words/characters that the excerpt can contain. The default value is 50.
By default, this parameter is applied to the number of words in the excerpt.
By setting the 'truncate_chars' parameter (see below) to '1', it can be made to apply to the number of characters in the excerpt instead.


The HTML elements you wish to preserve in the excerpt.
If you wish to preserve multiple tags, separate the tagnames by using comma e.g.

allow='i, b'


By default the produced excerpt is appended with '...' (three ellipses). You can change this by using this parameter.


By default, the 'count' paramater is considered to be the number of words the excerpt can contain.
By setting the 'truncate_chars' to '1', the 'count' becomes the number of characters the excerpt can contain.

<cms:excerpt count='100' truncate_chars='1'>...blah blah...</cms:excerpt>

Please note that if 'truncate_chars' is set to '1', the 'allow' parameter is ignored and all the HTML tags are stripped off the input.


This tag does not set any variables of its own.