The cloak_email tag can be used to hide email addresses from spambots (email harvesters).
This tag creates a JavaScript encrypted mailto link that remains inaccessible to spambots.

<cms:cloak_email '' />

The code above will produce the following HTML but only if accessed using JavaScript -

<a href=""></a>

When accessed with JavaScript disabled, a message prompting the visitor to enable JavaScript is shown instead.


  • email
  • title
  • msg


The email address to cloak.

<cms:cloak_email email='' />


The visible text of the mailto link. If skipped, the email parameter is used for the title too.

<cms:cloak_email email='' title='Contact Me!' />


Message to display if this email is accessed with JavaScript disabled. If skipped, the default text shown is -
'(Please enable JavaScript to view this email address)'

<cms:cloak_email email='' title='Contact Me!' msg='No JavaScript ?!!' />


This tag is self-closing and does not set any variables of its own.