The calendar tag can be used to create a monthly calendar. It can be associated with a template to make it display cloned pages of the template as entries of the calendar.

The calendar tag works together with the weeks, days and entries tags to fulfill its functionality.
Please see Core Concepts - Events Calendar for a working example of this tag.


  • masterpage
  • date
  • week_starts

Apart from these parameters, this tag also accepts all the arguments of the pages tag. This can be used to further refine the types of pages that are shown as entries of the calendar.


Setting this parameter to the name of a clonable template will cause the entries tag to fetch pages belonging to this template as entries of the day they are published on.


This parameter sets the month that is displayed by the calendar. If skipped, the current date is shown.


This parameter sets the first day of the weeks as shown by the calendar.
It is a numeric value ranging from 0 (Sunday) to 6 (Saturday). If skipped, the default is 0 (Sunday).


  • k_count_weeks
  • k_calendar_date
  • k_calendar_year
  • k_calendar_month
  • k_next_calendar_date
  • k_next_calendar_year
  • k_next_calendar_month
  • k_prev_calendar_date
  • k_prev_calendar_year
  • k_prev_calendar_month