The breadcrumbs tag outputs the hierarchy of folders leading upto the folder being shown (if folder_view) or the folder within which the current page resides (if page_view). This can be used too create a trail (breadcrumbs) leading upto the current page.

<cms:breadcrumbs />

Please see Core Concepts - Folders for a discussion on this tag's usage.


  • separator
  • include_template


Set the separator to show between each item in the breadcrumbs. The default separator is '_&nbsp;>&nbsp;_'.


By default, this tag only outputs the hierarchy of folders. To make it also list the template of the folders as the first item in the breadcrumbs, set this parameter to '1'.
If this parameter is set, remember to check that the current view is either folder-view or page-view before invoking this tag, because for any other views the folder hierarchy is irrelevant and breadcrumbs tag rightly does not output any folder names, however the include_template parameter will cause the template's name to appear which might not be desirable.

<cms:if k_is_page || k_is_folder >
    <cms:breadcrumbs separator='&nbsp;>>&nbsp;' include_template='1' />


This tag is self-closing and does not set any variables of its own.